Tick, Tock...I Love Clocks

Hickory Dickory Dock,
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one,
The mouse ran down,
Hickory Dickory Dock.  

I know you all remember that annoying little mousery rhyme from kindergarten.  I don't like the mouse part, but I do love the clock part. As a matter of fact, I love clocks (except for cuckoo clocks -- they give me nightmares). I have clocks all over the house.

In the office.  My mother gave me this sweet little clock.  He ticks loudly.  Reminds me of an old movie, "The Mouse that Roared".  I don't like mice, but do love the clock.

In the "odd corner".  A very discounted purchase from Kirkland's.

On a barrister bookshelf. This one is a two-fer -- a clock and a camera.

On top of the kitchen cabinets.  Two HomeGoods finds.

On the bedroom mantle.  The large one is a Kirkland's discounted product and the small one is a purchase from Pottery Barn about 10 years ago.  He stopped working and is beyond repair.  I love him anyway.

In the master bathroom.  Another HomeGoods find.  I left this one in color so that you could enjoy the red. :-)

I still wear a watch. So does my husband.  The "boyfriend" style is my favorite.  I found this on super sale a few years ago.

Yes, all of my clocks are male.  I don't know why, they just are.  Some of the clocks work.  Some gave up a long time ago, but they are correct at least twice a day, right?  It makes no difference to me.  I enjoy the collection.  I'm currently looking for a nice large clock to hang in the empty space by my desk in the office.

I also love our collection of vintage cameras, but that's a post for another day!

Happy Friday!


  1. My grandfather was a jeweler specializing in antique watch and clock repair. His small cottage was filled with clocks that chimed. He loved Westminster chimes - so guess what you heard every quarter hour? I loved staying with them and waiting for the chimes. I was always afraid of the Felix the Cat clocks with the shifty eyes!

    1. How truly awesome!!! I know that had to be such a magical place! I would have loved it. And the Felix the Cat clocks would have creeped me out...LOL

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  3. I'm a clock hoarder too LOL Like you, I have some that work and some that don't, but I love them all. I do have a cuckoo clock, but it doesn't work anymore, so no nightmares for you ;)


    1. LOL…I always swore that I would never keep things around like my parents did. But I find that as I’ve gotten older, more things seem to stay and less seem to go, regardless of how hard I try to get rid of them - especially the clocks! And thank you for the “no nightmares”! ;-) Hugs!

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