A Little St. Paddy's Day Jig

I had not originally planned to write this post to be posted on St. Patrick's Day about St. Patrick's Day.  But what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't write about St. Patrick's Day on St. Patrick's Day.  Let's start with an Irish limerick...
There was a young man of Killarney,
Who was chock full of what is called blarney;
He would sit on a stile,
And tell lies by the mile
Would this dreadful young man of Killarney.
I didn't say it was a good limerick.

I don't decorate or do anything special for St. Patrick's Day, for several reasons.

1.  I'm not Irish.
2.  I'm Italian.  We celebrate National Pasta Day or Sophia Loren Day.

3.  I don't like beer, especially GREEN beer.

4.  Green is a color that I cannot wear -- see No. 2, I have an olive complexion.

5.  I don't like getting pinched because I can't wear green.

6.  I don't have the "Luck of the Irish" - I have the luck of Father Guido Sarducci.

7.  Cabbage stinks and it takes weeks to get the smell out of the house.

8.  Leprechauns scare me more than clowns.

But, just to show I'm a good sport, I'm providing you readers with this fabulous recipe for a St. Patrick's Day celebration!  Everyone loves Irish Cream Coffee.  You can find the recipe here!

Two questions: what do you do for St. Patrick's Day AND can you wear this green color?

ps....once again these images were borrowed from the internet, crazy-frankenstein.com and tasteofhome.com!


  1. I forgot it was St. Pat's until this afternoon. And I am part Irish along with Scot and French.Sophia is so glamorous! I love Father Guido Sarducci! "I'ma gonna tell ya..."

    1. LOL...and you are part Irish??? How could you forget??!! LOL That is too funny! She was so beautiful...still is. The Father Guido Sarducci character was awesome! One of the true highlights of SNL.

  2. I can take care of the green beer and coffee... don't worry about bringing the cabbage, so much.

  3. I'm 1/4 Irish and I don't celebrate it more than to wear a little green. And by little, it was on my purse lol

    I'm with you on the Irish coffee though ;)

    1. LOL…now that’s an idea – on your purse. Keeps you from getting “pinched”! :-)


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