Flea Market Finds

The Nashville Flea Market is held every 4th weekend of the month at the Nashville Fairgrounds.  Venders come from all over the United States to peddle their wares.  I love it!  Flea markets are the coolest shopping spots and you can find just about anything you could ever want or need.

We went this weekend with our sweet new friends, Terry and Shanda.  Our first stop was breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  You can never go wrong starting out your day with a visit to this restaurant.  And, it is another great shopping spot.  I scored this awesome cookbook and bag of Apple Crisp Mix.

I bought the cookbook for friends and family who visit our home.  I thought it might be a cute way to get some Nashville flavor.  There are awesome recipes in this book and some of those will definitely be featured on this blog!

Once we tore ourselves away from Cracker Barrel we headed to a very, very dangerous store - Dury's Camera Shop.  I needed to purchase a 50mm lens and ring flash. For me, this is the proverbial "kid in the candy shop" experience.  My eyes glaze over, I start drooling and my husband is constantly whispering, "stay focused and don't touch ANYTHING!"   I'm happy to say the lens is on order and I'm debating the purchase of the ring flash.  The only thing I got distracted with was dark room supplies -- they were on sale.  It doesn't matter that I don't have a darkroom in this house, they were ON SALE!

Much to everyone's surprise, we were finally able to get out of the camera store and land at the flea market.  All 4 of us experienced a little piece of heaven.  We left with some excellent purchases and true bargains.

I scored some vintage books for $1.00 each!

I was also able to bargain for 2 other books - $8.00 each down to $2.50 each.  Yes, I needed more old books.

I also purchased this grain sack and spools of vintage yarn.

The hubby found some cool vintage albums.

Our friends Terry and Shanda found this unusually awesome light for their kitchen.

But, the purchase I am most pleased with is the vintage silver. No, I did not purchase all of this silver.  :-)  Although, it was so very tempting!

I forgot to add it to the "obsession" list in my previous post.

I think I'm a silver hoarder.  I buy it whenever we go to flea markets or I find it at a really great price in antique stores.   I can't keep my hands off of it!

Hope your weekend was fabulous!


  1. Great finds, Benita! I love vintage too :) Loving your old books and grain sack. Donna (Distressed Donna Down Under) sent me over via facebook. Welcome to blog land--

    1. Thank you Diana! Vintage is just so cool and so easy to work into any decor, you just can't go wrong! Donna has been so much help - such a sweetheart - and thank you again!! Have a great evening!


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