Salt...of the Earth

This post will probably not interest most of you.  But I thought it was interesting, so a post is born -- or written.

I received a Williams-Sonoma gift card for Christmas.  I love shopping in this store.  I can always find something unusual to bring home.  On this particular shopping trip, the unusual item that followed me home was this.

Aaannndddd, what's so unusual about pepper?  It's not pepper.  It's salt.  Onyx salt!

I thought this was the most unusual thing I had ever seen.  Prior to the onyx salt, pink salt was the most unusual thing I had ever seen.  Well, there was that time I saw the 3-headed octopus, but I think that was a photoshop deal.  We'll say that onyx salt is the most unusual item I've seen in kitchen condiments.  Well, except for the year someone decided that green ketchup and blue butter would be big hits.  So let's just say this is the most unusual item since that time.  When I saw it I knew that it could come home with me -  that pairing it next to the pink salt in my individual salt cellars would be magical on the table.  I've taken a photo of some of the different colors of salt I have - pink, onyx, black truffle and white sea salt.  Look at the textures and colors.

The Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and the Black Truffle Sicilian Sea Salt are both finely ground, compared to the course textures of the Kilauea Onyx Traditional Salt and white sea salt.

This is a little blurb I found about the onyx salt here (and you can place an order):
Kilauea Onyx sea salt has a deep obsidian black color and moist, silky texture. The salt is solar evaporated with purified black lava rock to add minerals, then combined with activated charcoal for color and to add detoxifying effects. The additives compliment the natural salt flavor and add numerous health benefits to the salt. But the real fun is in the effect it brings to food. Sprinkled on grilled fish, plantains, fruit salads, pan seared scallops, or perhaps most startlingly, sushi and sashimi, is where this salt can, quite literally, make your food shine.
I couldn't have said it better myself!

At one time, salt was so valuable it was considered a form of currency.  I wonder if I could buy that pair of Jimmy Choo shoes with my little bottles of salt?  


  1. Very interesting! I've never heard of such.


    A Morton's girl

    1. LOL @ Morton's Girl. I had always been also, until I found the pink salt. Then I was hooked. I did find out you have to use them in moderation, as they are much stronger tasting. And I love the colors. :-)


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