Putting Your Eggs...

....into one basket is never a good idea.  That's why I chose white bowls instead of baskets.  :-)

Not a long post today, just a few photos.

My broken (now repaired) tray has come in pretty handy as a photo prop.  Works pretty well for a "fixer upper"!

Here is a question for you?  Why do eggs dyed exactly the same way end up looking so different?  These few eggs were dyed in the same dye, for the same amount of time, yet each color looks different.

See that little striped egg in there?  I did absolutely nothing to make it that way.  Pretty cool, huh?

Mystery of the Universe?  Nope, they are unique and individual, just like we are!

Here are a few cookies (because I ate the rest, sorry)... 

...dusted with sugar-free powdered sugar! ;-)

Not really, the sugar is leaded, however, you can make your own.  Bill Nye, the Science Guy, makes it here...not really...its Andy, the sugar-free mad scientist.  You can watch his sugar-free video here.  :-)

How about that bonus?  A little "how-to" video!  Pretty good, right?!

Have a great one!


  1. I have no idea why eggs do that. It's definitely a mystery.

    Those cookies look really good and I don't blame you for eating some of them ;)

    Oh and sugar free.... not gonna happen lol


    1. I think it is cool that they all look so different. I saw a post (after Easter, of course) about dying eggs in rice. Mix a couple of drops of food coloring in some rice, drop the egg in, shake it all up and let it sit for a bit. Interesting patterns for sure. Thank you ma'am and yeah, sugar-free doesn't work for me either! Hugs!!

  2. I love the look of dyed eggs. This year I got trendy and decoupaged them with napkins. It was a major fail and frankly left me nostalgic for the pretty pastel eggs I used to make with mom. Next year for sure!

    1. My decoupaging skills are severely lacking. I've seen some cute decoupaged eggs on the internet this year, but they intimidate me! LOL I love the pastel colors. We no longer have kids at home but I dye them for us. You’re never too old, right? Have a great evening!


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