Barely There...

I purchased several bouquets of flowers a couple of days ago.  The weather today has been stormy and sunny, which always makes perfect photography light.  I thought I would capture and share a few images of these sort of make-up for the pillow massacre.

I'm normally not a fan of any shade of purple. But every once in a while, I will run across a flower that is the palest shade of lavender and I just have to buy them.  Like these...

I call them "Barely There" because the lavender color is barely there.

It is amazing how light sometimes changes the color of an object.

My 50mm lens gives me a short depth of field, with the focus on the flower and the background blurred.

The petals give the illusion of being transparent.  I love the way some of the stems are bending, as though swaying in a breeze.  Don't you?

The house is quiet.  Outside the wind is blowing, but nothing can be heard but the click of my shutter.

It's a nice sound.

I think you would agree!


  1. Gorgeous photos, Benita! I wish I had half of your talent.

    I had such a great time catching up with you this morning. Have a beautiful day :)


    1. You are too kind and thank you so much! I’ve enjoyed it also! I hope you have a fabulous day and a wonderfully blessed weekend!


  2. Replies
    1. Donna, perfectly said! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed Easter weekend!!


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