Movie Night

It's movie night at our house!

After all the RED talk this week, I wanted to see the movie again.  While we are at it, we might as well watch RED 2.

Since we will be snuggled up for a while, I prepared a few snacks.  I don't know about you guys, but we snack it up when we are watching movies.  I made sure we had salty, sweet and a little caffeine to keep us awake.  We old folks tend to drop off every now and then...we need stimulants!

Because we are lazy when we are watching movies and don't want to walk the 6 feet to the refrigerator, this tray full of goodies will sit on the coffee table.  After thinking about it, arm's length is almost too far away for snacks.  It requires us to lean forward to retrieve food and we all know what a struggle that is....when you are into a good movie!

On the menu....caramel flavored popcorn...

...a few boxes of Sour Patch Kids and peanuts... 

...some M&Ms (for flavor and color)... 

...and you always need some Sugar Babies.

Let's not forget the Skittles...

I added a few other sweet and savories on the tray.  We will definitely be enjoying our movie night!

What do you snack on during your movie watching marathons?


  1. I am allergic to corn so most of your snacks would be out for me. We tend more towards dried fruit and cheese with various seeds and nuts. Hot chocolate is a must on chilly nights.

    1. What a bummer!! My weakness is chocolate so it is included even when we have cheese and crackers…LOL. And YES on the hot chocolate!!!

  2. My favorite movie snack is a box of Milk Duds dumped into warm popcorn...they get all salty and soft.
    I spy Sugar Babies...they are a favorite of mine! Red and Red 2 are always fun to watch.

    1. YUMMMMM!!! I haven't tried that before. Going to be a new one for us. LOVE the Sugar Babies too. Aren't they great movies??!! Bruce Willis and John Malkovich are just awesome in these movies! They are 2 of our favorites!!

  3. Replies
    1. Steph, we do too. We have RED on DVD and RED 2 saved on the DVR. They are always great standby movies for us!!

  4. I've seen the first one, but not the second. I'll have to check it out.

    As far as movie snacks... heavily (real) buttered popcorn, malted milk balls, milk duds, Red Vines (no Twizzlers! lol) and maybe nachos if we're watching during dinner.

    I love crap food LOL


    1. The second one is definitely not as good as the first, but you will enjoy it. Nachos are one of my biggest weaknesses! I will eat them all day if someone lets me! Me too! It’s full of MSG and so wonderfully tasty! Hugs!!

  5. Love the movie Red, and love all of your pictures. You are making me want some candy and popcorn at 8:00 in the morning!!

    Came over on Totally Terrific, and I'm glad to find your site! I also followed you on Twitter and Pinterest and pinned your photos here:

    Hope you have a blessed day today~

    1. Thank you so much! I think that’s the bad thing about link parties…all the wonderful goodies first thing in the morning…LOL! I’m following you and starting to pin…looks like another Pinterest kind of day for me! :-) Have a wonderful day!


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