Karma Is....

....a pain in my behind!!  Seriously! No matter how hard I try, it just keeps slapping me in the head!

My husband and I have a mixed marriage.  I prefer one college team.

He prefers another.

Needless to say, college football season is interesting around our house!

Since I had excellent fair results with the first "no sew" pillow I made, I thought I would give it another try.  I wanted to make my husband a cute little pillow with his preferred college team logo on it.  But I don't like their logo.  So I pieced something together so it would be cute.  I pulled a little wreath from the Graphics Fairy and used the online English to French translator to get the correct words.

I had previously coffee-stained my last 2 flour sack dish towels and thought the coffee stain would give it a nice vintage look.  Which it did.  I printed out the logo on a sheet of my freezer paper.  It looked so pretty.  I couldn't wait to get it transferred on the dish towel.  I ran downstairs and transferred the image, only to find out that I had forgotten to reverse the image.  Strike #1.

Do you see where I'm going with this?  It's the Stool Pigeon all over again.  I stomped back upstairs, reversed the image and printed it again.  Ran downstairs and transferred it on the other side of the dish towel.  Success...transfer with no smears.

I had also made a logo using my preferred college team.  I reversed the image, printed it out, ran downstairs, transferred it.

Pulled the paper away...SMEAR. grrrrr...

Strike #2. I was not printing out another transfer image!  I decided I would work with what I had.

I cut the hubby's team logo pillow down to the size I wanted, stuffed it and ironed it together.  It was lumpy, but I kept foofing it and it settled down a little.

Snapped a few photos...

...and moved on to my pillow WITH the smeared image.  I was going to cut it to the same size.  Now, here is where it gets dicey AND here is a golden rule to remember.  Measure twice, cut once.  Do not and I repeat DO NOT "eyeball it" and then cut.  I ended up cutting my pillow down to a tiny square. Strike #3.  I'm done.

I stuffed the shrunken pillow and proceeded to iron it together.  Strike #4.

It was so small on the stuffing edge and so stuffed with stuffing that it wouldn't stay together so that I could iron it straight.  So the stuffing seam looks all jagged and crooked......like a boxer's nose that has been broken too many times.

Poetic justice?  Karma?  Ineptibility (yes, it is a word for today)?  Probably ALL of these!

Folks, if you are looking for DIY inspiration from this blog, you better keep on clicking, because you will not find it here.  However, if you are looking for failures of epic proportions, then you've come to the right place.  Those you will find on this blog.

In the end, I pulled my hair out.  It is still lying on the floor.  I'm keeping it there as a reminder of my failed craft projects.  I'm also wearing a black cloth sack and have smeared ashes on my face.  So that YOU won't forget, I will leave you with this parting photo...

This is what happens when you try to fool Karma into thinking you know what you are doing...an adorable chair full of worthless pillows...and a bald spot.

PS..The coffee stains look good though, right?? :-)

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  1. Except for your deplorable choice of schools (South Carolina Gamecock here), I rather like the pillows. What you call mistakes are things which add to their charm.

    1. Donna, I was so afraid that South Carolina would be your school of choice! ;-) Thank you, you are very kind -- I'm not tossing them, just can't understand why I can't do a kindergartener's work! LOL

  2. Like Donna, I think they're charming too :)

    Oh and you'll love this.... I'm a USC fan. This California girl can't help it :p


    1. Thank you..y’all are too sweet! I just glare at them when I walk by that chair…LOL. LOL @ USC. Fortunately, we don’t have to play you guys that often!!


  3. Wow... you are too nice of a wife! Both my hubby and I are huge Michigan State fans (Go Green! Here's to hoping the advance to the final game in the final four). If he liked U of M..... I don't know what I'd do! I think the pillows turned out great! Thanks for sharing at Idea Box!

    1. Thank you Danielle, I'm trying to find a way to make them useful as they are...LOL! I need to purchase a small sewing machine -- soon! ;-) We've learned to work around our team differences. He waited until after we were married to let me know that his dad went to Auburn and that they were also Auburn fans...which is a total deal-breaker in the state of Alabama...LOL. Thank you so much for stopping over! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!!

  4. uh-oh.....don't tell hubby....we are part of the Baylor Nation :^)
    Love your pillow making story.....send me the goods and the sizes next time and I will send you back your new pillows :^)

    1. LOL….that is so cool!

      I will definitely do that…my pillows were so sad! LOL

      Hope you have a fantastic weekend!! Hugs!!

  5. Perfect it boring! I like your pillows and now you have a story that goes along with them. That is the most fun when it comes to crafting. You need a story!! Can't help you with that bald spot though! ;-)

    1. The stories are piling up on me in the craft area...LOL....and these projects are never boring, that's for sure...it is always an adventure! :-)

  6. Not sure the Fightn' Texas Aggies would approve of your cute little French logo, but don't give up on crafting! It's just like dating--you've gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince!

    1. Eva, that is a perfect analogy for my craft projects!! I love it!! :-) And I'm quite sure they wouldn't at all...the hubster surely didn't ! ;-)


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