...does a body good!  No, wait, that's the milk ad campaign.

Laughter is the best medicine!  Hmmm, I think that used to be a segment in Reader's Digest Magazine.

Well, anyway, whatever it is, here is another oldie but goodie...Circa 1979 - Summer, obviously. 

See what happens when you mix iodine and baby oil and lounge out in the sun for 12 hours a day in your front yard on a quilt?!?!?  You turn the color of my sister!

While I may have left the trauma of the purple crushed velvet pants behind, I entered my chipmunk years at the age of 17.  Those cheeks are the result of having my wisdom teeth November Thanksgiving!  While everyone else was eating turkey, I was being fed some sort of bizarre pain medication and growing chipmunk jowls.  Those things lasted until I was about 23.

When you stop laughing, leaving a comment!  :-)


  1. Wow! That's a throwback for sure!! Good ol' Flowers Street!!!

    1. Yes it was a very long, long time a galaxy far, far away....LOL

  2. Wow that reminds me of this: I think your sister was darker though lol

    I think you're beautiful, even if you're wearing those pants ;)


    1. Thank you Rue, you are too sweet! LMAO….they are definitely a sight! But I remember that I loved that stupid outfit…much more so than my hip hugger bell bottoms and tube top! LOL And that hair is exactly why I keep it short now…sheesh.

      OMGOSH!! I remember that commercial and we used that stuff sometimes. It had an SPF 2 and we thought that was the worst thing ever and that it prevented us from getting a decent tan! Yes, my sister is definitely darker…LOL. She will not go in the sun now without tons of sunscreen and a hat! These times they are a ‘changin’…  Hugs!

  3. Wow! Hot! If I hadn't still been in Underoos at the time, I'd have asked you out.


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