I. See. Red.....Too

Bruce Willis is one of my favorite actors.  When he and Demi divorced and split the property, Bruce took the fan base.  Two of his recent movies were RED and RED 2.  We loved the movie RED....stellar performances by Bruce Willis,  John Malkovich and Richard Dreyfuss.  Best movie quotes: "I am gettin' the pig!"; "Their eyes are wet, like peaches"; and when Bruce's character was asked if he vacuumed the chick's apartment, he replied, "A little, yeah, it was messy."  Gotta love a man who vacuums when he sees a mess!

Most of the time, sequels never measure up to the original and we are left disappointed.  RED 2 was not as bad as say, Jaws 7 or Halloween H2O 4, it was just not as good as RED.  But, I like Bruce Willis so I had something to work with.

Since sequels seem to be a little lackluster, and RED kitchens are definitely not, let's say that last week's post on RED bathrooms is the sequel and this post is the original.  Kitchens are a great place to make a bold statement.  See for yourself!

I was a little slow on this one.  It took me about 10 seconds to figure out the design was a chili pepper.  I saved you 10 seconds by telling you what it was!

This one has a nice restaurant vibe...

....while this one has an awesome faucet. I love that the coffee maker and microwave are set into the wall.

The clear cabinets on top and stainless steel appliances keep this kitchen from looking "bottom heavy".  Nice balance.

Vintage cottage.

Very cool, but I could do without the red knobs.

A new twist on the knife block - get it, twisting the knife....sheesh, tough room.

These next 3 are little space-age for me, but beautiful in design.

Meet George Jetson.

Jane, his wife.

Daughter Judy.

I didn't think "his boy Elroy" needed a kitchen, so I didn't give him one.  He needs to be outside training that dog a little more.

So what do you all think of RED in the kitchen?  Which one is your favorite?

I still have some red hots to ship!


  1. Love all the great inspiration with red. Probably my personal favorite would be the vintage, but some of the others are definitely stunning.
    Mary Alice

    1. They are all definitely very interesting and unique! Have a great evening!

  2. I love all of these, but especially the more modern-looking ones. That knife holder always cracks me up.

    1. The knife holder was definitely an interesting piece! Have a great evening!

  3. I am so glad you told us it was a pepper. I was wondering why there was a giant lobster on the cabinets. I might be able to go with the vintage kitchen if I edited out several things. I like cooler colors like creamy whites and blue-greens in the kitchen. I am a picky eater and would not want my food to clash with the red.

    That is not a joke.

    1. I kept looking at it wondering what the heck it was…LOL. Right now, I’m into more muted colors myself and might be able to have an accent here and there, but don’t know if I could go “whole room”. I’m with you on the picky eater! :-)

  4. With all due respect, there was only one "Red".


  5. I'll give you one guess as to which is my favorite ;)

    Also, the "Hubster" has great taste in cars.


    1. Yes, I do know exactly which one you like! :-) Yes, he does! We miss that car terribly! Hugs!!


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