The Bogus Room....and Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day!  I really don't decorate with anything special for Valentine's Day, but I usually give it a "nod".  So, without further adieu, my nod to Valentine's Day.
We typically don't go out to celebrate but do have a nice dinner at home and relax. Since my husband has been out of town on business for the past 2 weeks and is road weary, we will definitely be doing a lot of relaxing. 

We moved into this house at the end of October.  We graduated from a 2 bedroom loft to a 4 bedroom house with a "bogus" room.  Most of you refer to it as a bonus room or TV room or kids play area or even man cave.  But I consider it the "bogus" room or the current bane of my existence.  Some would think that my "bane" would be the 10 pounds I gained over the holidays.  Nope, this room trumps the 10 pounds. While I've been able to decorate the rest of the house with some confidence, I just cannot get a grasp on this room.
This room has an odd-shape.  It is small with an alcove over to the left and has a total of 5 doors, if you count French doors as 2.
Since we are in a rental house we are unable to paint, so I’m stuck with yellow walls throughout the house.  While the white furniture fits nicely in the downstairs living area, I don't know if white would be suitable for this room.  The only thing I am sure of is that the furniture must be on a smaller scale so that it can be arranged in a comfortable way and not take over the room.  My dilemma is one many face -- what type, color and size of furniture fits this room. I feel like Goldilocks...full-size sofas are too large, loveseats are too small. Where is my "just right"? Our previous living room furniture didn’t fit well in here because it was too large. If I just use chairs, it will turn into the "chair" room and will look bizarre or barren.

I suggested to my husband that I could just purchase two small doggie beds and we could curl up in those while we watched TV.  He said they didn’t make doggie beds his size.  He’s 6’2”, 220 lbs.  I’m 5’3” and 120 pounds.  It would work for me, but him, not so much. I really did like this style, without the dog of course, but have been unable to find it in "human" size.
So, as you enjoy your Valentine's Day, relaxing with your sweetheart, please think of us as we lie sprawled in the floor, staring at the sloped ceiling, eating snickers....wondering how in the world we are going to decorate the "bogus" room!

Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. I like the doggie bed! Very original decorating idea. Of course, I can see how your hubby wasn't thrilled with it, but you definitely get an "A" for creating thinking! ;)

    1. LOL.... Honey, I was so frustrated with that room! And thank you! Yeah, he just wasn't buying the doggie bed deal...LOL.

  2. You could probably even use a poodle doggie bed, Benita, but your husband might need a Papa Bear bed!

    These big rooms are probably far more challenging than a small room to decorate. It looks like a wonderful space to turn cartwheels in!


    1. LOL…Dewena, that is hilarious! I can just see that….LOL

      And you are so right!!!


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