Spineless....er, I mean Coverless Books

You might have noticed in my "Lightening Up" post the books in the basket on the hallway table.  
They are spineless, I mean coverless.   I don't know why I keep calling them spineless.  They still have "spines" even with the covers removed.  It is just one of my quirks, calling something by the wrong name.
As you can see, I really like using coverless books in my decorating. I purchased my first set of coverless books about a year ago at the Frisco Mercantile, a great flea market in Frisco, TX.  This is one of my most favorite places to purchase vintage and unique home decor items.  The lady who sells these books cannot keep her booth stocked.  They seem to be quite popular.

I always thought that I could never rip the covers off of vintage books, as I consider them treasures.  Until I realized that I could purchase the books inexpensively, rip the covers off and save myself some dollars.  It is easy to rip the covers off of old books, as long as they are not priceless or something you really want to read.  I know you are probably appalled that anyone could or would do that to a book. But honestly, how many people are going to read an old book entitled, The Breeding of Farm Animals?  I do not live on a farm, I do not have animals, therefore, I do not need to know how to breed them.  This book cost $1.00 from a flea market and provided the look I desired.  I did not blink an eye nor break a sweat while ripping the cover off!  PLUS, I saved money.  A set of coverless books, depending on the size, will cost between $12.00 and $20.00.  My first set of 3 large dictionary-sized coverless books cost me $10.00.  When I went back to the Mercantile last month, that size was priced at $20.00 -- for 2!  Popularity = cost increase.

Coverless books are great in decorating in that they provide a uniform look and a lack of color.  This gives you the opportunity to pop color in with the books.  The books provide "filler" and the eye is focused on the color.  If you use them on a bookshelf, they provide a clean, uniform look.  Place a unique bookend or other unusual item at the end of a row of coverless books and the eye is immediately drawn to the unusual item.  Now, you have a great conversation piece.  You get to explain to the book police why you tore the covers off of books AND guide the conversation to the interesting item on the shelf!

If you just can't come to grips with ripping the cover off of a book but still want a uniform or different look (or need filler), you can purchase them on Etsy (cost might be reasonable but the shipping will be pricey) OR turn the books around so that the pages are in view, rather than the spine.  I love this look with these vintage books!
French Country Cottage
Or, group similar colored books together....
The black books were spray painted for me by my husband. I know, more appalling behavior, right?!  I purchased hard back books for $1.00 at the Dollar Store, removed the dust jacket and voila..uniformity and great decor for use at a Halloween party (which is what I used them for). 

The possibilities are endless when using books in your decor!  Until next time...


  1. Love Love Love your blog! Now come home and redecorate my house!


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